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Member Spotlight | Nicole Whittaker-Wood | Salesforce Career Development

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Connect with Nicole on LinkedIn:

Nicole has a passion for helping others and a drive to leverage Salesforce to improve company processes. I've worked with Nicole extensively and would highly recommend her as your next Salesforce Professional! She was kind enough to talk me through exactly how she dominated the Salesforce Administrator Exam and scored higher than anyone I've seen before, she is not only certified, but she actually knows how to use Salesforce to help companies thrive.

Are you interested in joining the 60k+ in 6 Months or Less program but have some final questions?
Connect With & Message Me on LinkedIn:

Salesforce Career Development Program:

If you're still working on landing your first job or jumpstarting your Salesforce journey and need the extra motivation I have the perfect program for you. This is called the "$60k or More in 6 Months or Less | Salesforce Career Development Program" and it's going to change your life!
✅ This program will take you from wherever you are today to landing your first Salesforce job in 6 months or less making $60,000 - $80,000.
✅ I need you to dedicate 8-10 hours per week of your time and myself and the program will take care of the rest!
✅ I will teach you exactly what to do to in order to get your 1st Salesforce Certification.
✅ I will show you exactly how to get real world experience by working with companies as a volunteer. I am so confident in these strategies that if you cant find volunteer projects on your own, I will find them for you, guaranteeing you hands on experience!
✅ I will give you access to Resume and LinkedIn Profile Review Sessions with feedback with additional access to pre-recorded review sessions so you can see examples of other resumes and LinkedIn Profiles to get yours just right!
✅ You will receive access to Mock Interview sessions to make sure you are fully prepared for interviews!
✅ We will conquer every obstacle, breakdown every barrier and make sure that nothing stops you from landing a job in a high paying and rewarding career!
✅ If you have any questions contact me directly on LinkedIn or Facebook and I'm happy to change your life!
✅ If you're serious about taking the plunge I will hop on a call with you and make sure you are confident with next steps!
✅ Check the program out here!


If you are a Salesforce Professional who wants to get into Salesforce Freelance Consulting but have concerns about how to get started?

Do you find yourself thinking...

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